Message from the President

Founded in April 2010, AALIMS reached a milestone at its third anniversary. As a sign of becoming an established organization, we have experienced our first “change of the guard.”

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AALIMS – Stanford Graduate Student Workshop

Date: April 15, 2016

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Location: Stanford University


8:30-10:00 Regime Types and Their Consequences

Chair: Saumitra Jha (Stanford University)

Egor Lazarev (Columbia University), “Legacies of War and Preferences for Alternative Legal Sytesms in Chechnya”

Michael Poyker (University of California, Los Angeles), “Regime Stability and Persistence of Traditional Health Practices”

10:00-10:15 BREAK

10:15-12:30 Political Instability

Chair: Cihan Artunç (University of Arizona)

Sharan Grewal and Steve Monroe (Princeton University), “The Biggest Loser: Founding Elections and Disillusionment with Democracy in Egypt and Tunisia”

Emine Deniz (New York University), “Relative Deprivation Theory Revisited: Theory and Evidence from Kurdish Insurgency in Turkey” (Appendix here)

Peter Schram (Stanford University), “Managing Terror”

12:30-2:00 LUNCH