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Founded in April 2010, AALIMS reached a milestone at its third anniversary. As a sign of becoming an established organization, we have experienced our first “change of the guard.” 

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Christine Binzel

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Christine Binzel is a Professor of Economics at Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nürnberg. She received her Ph.D. in 2010 from Humboldt University of Berlin and was Visiting Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College in the following academic year, 2010-11. She is a development economist with a particular interest in how processes of economic development alter social relationships, norms, and trust. Ongoing research includes work on the origins of the Islamic Revival in Egypt and how gender role attitudes change in response to changes in the economic environment.

Recent articles and working papers:

"Education, Social Mobility and Religious Movements: A Theory of the Islamic Revival in Egypt" (with Jean-Paul Carvalho)

Binzel, Christine, and Dietmar Fehr. 2013. "Sharing and Sorting Among Friends: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment" Economics Letters, 121(2): 214-217.

Binzel, Christine, and Dietmar Fehr. 2013. "Social Distance and Trust: Experimental Evidence from a Slum in Cairo" Journal of Development Economics, 103: 99-106.




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